About Diamond & Color GemstonesTraining Institute

Honourable Mr. Navrattan Kothari a well known personality in the Diamond world is adorned by rarely found qualities of treading a unique path in life. He believes in the advice contained in the saying "practicing is better than preaching." It will be better to take it on record that he is personified of this saying. Being Rajasthan by birth, Mr. Kothari is deeply touched and worried on seeing the frustration and disillusionment in the new generation of the country and Rajasthan in particular, In order to provide a right direction to the youth in general, Kothari's dream is to start an academic and vocational training institute, where, in desirous candidates may be imparted theoretical and practical training in the Diamond field and to start honourable earnings. Hence, the formation and starting the Diamond Training Institute. In unequivocal words, it is stated that DTI is an institution dreamed and made true by the inspirer, patronizer, philosopher, mentor, guide and what not, our well-wisher and torch-bearer revered Mr. Kothari.
This institution is one of those which have year by year come up with a better technique or training. It is equipped with almost all the machineries which are required for the level of training in each area of Diamond field.
Diamond & Color GemstonesTraining Institute since 1988, is one of its which is, focusing to conduct the courses especially to specialize in "Diamond Grading & Manufacturing ". These efforts are being done to serve the Diamond industry by providing technically high skilled qualified manpower.
Since its inception up till now it has trained more than 3000 students, and majority of them have been absorbed in the industry as per their knowledge & efficiency.
The K.G.K. Group Of Companies is patronizing and giving economic support to Diamond & Color Gemstones Training Institute by motivating and inspiring gradually for improving the quality of training to the higher level. The K.G.K. Group OF Companies remains ready to absorb maximum number of dcg candidates with prospective occupation.