Course Rough Diamond grading

Duration Day/Week Timing
3 month 5 day 10.00am to 1.00pm
2.00pm to 5.00 pm

Training programme of this course is designed for the students who wish to make a carrier as a grader for Rough Diamond with good remuneration in the rough processing Diamond office or factory.

Rough diamond grading is an important part of rough process and even for manufacturing because the graders decision on diamonds are being carried on for the processes till the final finish.

After the successfully completion of the course a student will be capable to grade the rough diamond with reference to colour, clarity & weight recovery in order to prepare of lots for issuing for manufacturing.

  • Introduction to Diamond
  • Diamond mines to market
  • World standard institution/certification
  • Internal & External features/accessories
  • 4 C’s of Diamonds
  • Forms & models
  • Sorting of rough diamond ( 4 parts)
  • Colour grading/shading
  • Cut & shapes
  • Rough & manufacturing processes (flow chart)
  • Girdle planning (Introduction to Diamond)
  • Weight /measures
  • Weight estimation
  • Rough clarity grading
  • Sieve/sizing
  • Rejection/Selection
  • Lots preparation
Pattern of training: - Lectures-20% Practical- 80%-