Course Mines to Market Comprehensive Course

Duration Day/Week Timing
5 month 5 day 10.00 am to 2.00pm
2.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Training programme of this course is designed for the students who wish to make a carrier as a labour proprietor, marker, grader, or supervisor, executive or head of section for particular process.

Qualifying this course will even help to setup a diamond manufacturing unit or even for trading on domestic & overseas level basically this course is for multipurpose.

After the successfully completion of this course a student will be capable to make carrier in multiple areas of Diamond field.

  • Diamond Introduction
  • Diamond mines to market
  • 4 Cā€™s of diamond
  • Internal & External features/accessories
  • World standard institution/certification
  • Forms & model (Basic)
  • Colour grading/shading
  • Sorting of Rough Diamonds/type of roughs
  • Rough processes (side sawing & tops sawing)
  • Machine & maintenance
  • Manufacturing processes Bruting ā€“ (4 types) (flow chart) Faceting ā€“ (5 stages)
  • Girdle planning (Introduction to dia-mark)
  • Rough clarity grading
  • Weight/measures
  • Weight estimations
  • Sieve/sizing
  • Rejection/Selection
  • Lots preparation
  • Marking & planning
  • Costing (valuation)(R/P)
  • Random sampling (R/P)
  • Costing II production (machine cost/Labour/maintain)
  • Foremanship/supervising
  • Money to manpower
Pattern of training: - Lectures-20% Practical- 80%-